In order to be safe you must create a safe place that can be available at a moments notice..

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North Texas Storm Shelter is local, family owned company in the northern suburb of Dallas, TX called McKinney.

Wow, what a great job in a timely manner.

In today’s days with storms around us often, and some of the disasters that happened in Oklahoma, a solid storm shelter is slowly becoming a necessity. Our shelters are designed by an engineer using 8″ concrete walls with #4 steel, completely build under ground. You simply walk down concrete stairs and walk into the shelter with concrete surrounding you on all sides.
Floor, ceiling and walls are cast in place and poured right in your back yard.

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You can even add a water storage solution, filtration and generator back up systems, designed for your specific situation.

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April 29, 2013 |

Our new site

Welcome to our site. Please pardon our progress. Please check back in a few days.

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